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Company Address: Room 1708, Area A, Hongyan Building, No. 303 Wuyi South Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City
Service Hotline: 400-800-9135
Inquiries ①: 189 6508 9135 (Mr. Zhang)
Inquiries ②: 189 5031 4835 (Mr. Zhang)
Consultation telephone ③: 134 0599 8886 (Ms. He)
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service items
service items
Website design and development

Website design and development

Professional website design and development services, including corporate websites, connected product websites, e-commerce websites, social and application websites, etc.
Product website enterprise and brand website e-commerce website special website front-end development website development
Design and development of mobile interface

Design and development of mobile interface

Mobile devices, WeChat public platforms, tablets and other terminals provide interactive processes and interface design services. Including Apple, Android and other platforms.
ios iPhone
ios ipad
Android phone
Android pad
win phone
WeChat development
Brand and Graphic VI Design

Brand and Graphic VI Design

Corporate logo design and product brand LOGO design, group VI identification system design, and various visual plane design.
LOGO Design
VI system business card design graphic design album design packaging design
Software interface design

Software interface design

Provide personalized software interface design solutions, services cover the interface design for platforms such as PC, TV, touch screen, and vehicle systems.
Windows / Mac
Touch screen car
OA system industry software other terminals
first step

The first step: customer requests

The website construction information provided by the client is as follows:
1. Company profile, company environment photos, plant equipment photos, honor photos, organizational structure, product photos, news materials, contact information, etc.
2. Product or project description (column description).
3. Put forward the needs and functions of your own website construction.
If you fail to provide the website's frame structure and column descriptions, we will carry out overall planning for your website.

Second step

Step 2: Develop a website design plan

The website construction information provided by the client is as follows:
The two sides negotiated on the content, style, and details of the website construction to reach consensus.
Our company provides "solutions and website construction quotes" to answer customer inquiries and respond to customer needs.

third step

Step 3: Sign an agreement to pay the advance payment

The two parties signed the "Website Construction Contract", and the client paid an advance payment for the website construction budget (50% of the total).

the fourth step

Step 4: Preliminary draft of website design appraisal

We have completed the first draft design (front page sample), including: homepage style, channel homepage style, and website basic framework. Reviewed by customers,
A series of processes such as our modification and final customer confirmation, we have officially entered the website construction phase.

the fifth step

Step 5: Website Production Website Acceptance

After the construction of the website is completed, after repeated review, modification, and finally acceptance by the customer, the production of the website is completed.
1. All the files produced by website construction are uploaded to our test server, and the customer accepts the website;
2. If you think that the website you created has met your requirements, please remit the remaining money to our company account and notify our company to check the account;
3. After receiving the confirmation balance, we will upload your website to the official virtual host, and the website construction is completed.

Step Six

Step 6: Website maintenance

According to the relevant conditions of the project, we perform free maintenance and online consultation for the first year of the website to ensure that your website runs normally.
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